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AMIC 2024

18-19 May 2024 | owvu.org

Both languages are accepted


Dear Colleagues,

We cordially invite you to participate in the 1st Advanced Materials International Conference (AMIC2024).

This scientific conference is an event were scientists share there recent findings in the field of Advanced Materials. This first edition aims to establish a swift and enjoyable platform to contribute in the development of the field.

Looking forward to have you on board!

– Biomaterials;
– Energy storage and harvesting materials;
– Composite materials;
– Novel 2D materials (e.g., graphene, MXenes, etc.);
– Heavy hydrocarbons;
– Ceramics;
– Nanomaterials;
– Magnetic materials;
– Materials based devices; ….

This event is jointly organized by the following organizations:

Colleagues are cordially invited to join our committees. Simply email us (universus.ma@gmail.com)

Organizing Committee:

Prof. K.Rahmani | Prof. I.Zorkani | Prof. A.Jorio |  Prof. A.Labrag | Prof. M.Bghour | Prof. I.Adraoui | Prof. A.Rezzouk | Prof. B.Drissi | Prof. M.Khenfouch | Prof. R.Hatel | Prof. I.Derkaoui

Scientific Committee:

Prof. T.Cuberes -Spain- | Prof. V.Neto -Portugal- | Prof. M. Mikael Syväjärvi. -Sweden- | Prof. S. Valla. -India- | Dr. N.Ali -UK- | Dr. M.Achehboune -Belgium- | Dr. I.Boukhoubza -Roumania-

1- Prepare your Abstract and youtube link of your video presentation (10min for Oral and 3min for Poster).

2- Make the payment using our banking details:

  • Attijariwafa bank (Morocco), EXPLORIA, (RIB: 007 780 0000295000306339 04).
  • Professor/Doctor (20euros/200Dhs), Phd Student (10euros/100Dhs), Attendee (Bachelor or Master Student) (5euros/50Dhs).

3- Click on the button below and choose your option.

3- Fill information, upload abstract and click on Register button.

4- On checkout page, fill information and upload your receipt then click on Apply button.

Registration deadline: 15 April 2024.


  • Upload a video in a youtube channel. Click
  • Make your video public. Click

Places are limited. Register as early as possible.

Researchers are cordially invited to propose special topics and organize special sessions.

Feel free to contact us via email: universus.ma@gmail.com

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